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Our Christmasified Windows
Christmas has arrived at Kitty Brown with our Christmas windows. We have fairy lights inside and out.
Next Event

Our next event will be in Spring 2022. We will publish a complete list for the season in the New Year.


19th July - Are We Making Any Changes?
What will be different at Kitty Brown on 19th July? In a word: Nothing. We will still be asking for social distancing and face coverings to continue. Sanitiser will be available and staff will continue to wear face coverings.
Free Flip Flops, Sale Rail and More...
We currently have a super offer if you spend £30 or more in the shop. A free pair of flip flops - the footwear of summer!
Kitty Brown Boutique Re-opens 12th April
We will finally be opening our shop doors for the first time in 2021 at 10 o'clock on Monday 12th April. Our opening hours will be 10am - 5pm, Monday - Saturday.
Covid 19 - Opening Hours Update
Due to a change in government regulation with regard to Covid-19 Kitty Brown Boutique's shop at Ashtrees way will be closed from Thursday 5th November. The shop will re-open on Wednesday 2nd December.
What Happens To Internet Shopping Returns?
You order a lovely dress from an internet shopping site but when it arrives it just doesn't fit how you expected. You wrap it up and queue up in the Post Office to return it. The company refunds you and they return it to stock...or do they?
Missing our Fashion Shows
For Spring 2020 Kitty Brown Boutique had 13 events arranged, primarily fashion shows. Due to the coronavirus 11 of them have needed to be cancelled.
Kitty Brown Boutique's Windows

As you wander down Ashtrees Way you notice that Kitty Brown has another painted window. Who does these?

Kitty Brown Boutique - Star Awards 2019 Finalist
Kitty Brown Boutique has been shortlisted as one of the six best independent boutiques in the UK in 2019.
Seasalt Cornwall
Around ten years ago a representative called on us. He worked with his wife and he told us she had taken on a new little brand and would we be interested in
Who is Kitty Brown?
Who is Kitty Brown? This is a question that we have often been asked. The answer is that, at least as far as our shop is concerned, there has never been anyone called Kitty Brown.