Missing our Fashion Shows

For Spring 2020 Kitty Brown Boutique had 13 events arranged, primarily fashion shows. Due to the coronavirus 11 of them have needed to be cancelled. This has been an enormous disappointment for us and the organisers of the events.

Kitty Brown Boutique fashion shows are fun get togethers where organisations such as charities, social groups, churches, etc. can raise funds. We give 10% of the money made on sales at the event to the organising group. However, that is not the end of it. Most groups have an admission charge, 100% of which goes to the group. In addition, there is often a raffle and refreshments for sale, all which also goes to the organisers.

We wondered how much money we had helped to raise over our 10+ years of doing fashion shows and events. In spring 2019 we had 14 events each of which raised an average of £500 per show for the organising group. That was £7,000 for one season.

We have two seasons each year, so we have had 20+ seasons of fashion shows. This means we have helped raise at least £100,000.

When we are able to get together again, if you have a group, charity or organisation that would like to have a fashion show to raise some money, remember to get in touch. You can telephone 01524 733243, email kitty@kittybrown.co.uk or use the contact form on our website https://www.kittybrown.co.uk/contact

In the meantime, stay safe and let’s look forward to times when we can restart some fun!

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