Glasson Dock

Glasson Dock is just south of Lancaster near the mouth of the River Lune. There are pubs and cafes to stop by and ample parking if you arrive by car. There is a footpath and cycle track that runs from Lancaster and this is a popular route from the city to the dock.

From Glasson Dock you can walk along the towpath of the Lancaster Canal.

Lancaster Canal lock

There is still quite a lot of water traffic and it can be interesting watching craft lifted or lowered through the locks. You can use closed lock gates to reach the other side of the canal but be careful!

Alternatively you can use one the picturesque bridges that span the canal.

Cobbled footbridge over Lancaster Canal

The area is a haven for wildlife and as well as ducks and swans cruising the waters you may also spot herons fishing from the bank or the blue flash of a kingfisher.

We think Glasson Dock is a lovely place to discover and explore. There is much more than we have mentioned here so take a few hours to look around.

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