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Finalists at Boutique Magazine Star Awards 2022

Kitty Brown Boutique was again chosen as a finalist at Boutique Magazine's Star Awards. While not winning, we feel it to be rather like being Oscar nominated.

Kitty Brown table card with programme and shiny glasses

Hundreds of retailers were considered by the judges but only a small handful were selected to be finalists.

Ella, Trueman, Caroline and Philip

On 8th November, four of us travelled to London to attend the awards ceremony which was held at the Mayfair Hotel. After pre-dinner drinks of bubbly, there was a three course meal followed by the awards ceremony itself.

Trueman, Caroline and Ella

Ella and Trueman dancing

We all had a lovely time and the next day we took the underground to Covent Garden to look around the shops. We got a few ideas for our shop while we were at it!

Caroline, Ella and Trueman in Queensway London Underground station

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