Kitty Brown Boutique's Windows

As you wander down Ashtrees Way you notice that Kitty Brown has another painted window. Who does these?


It is Trueman who works in the shop. As a graduate of Winchester School of Art we are lucky to have her as our window dresser and artist in residence. Here are a few examples of amazing designs she has created for us.


Vines twisting across the window for a summer vibe


New Season - Autumn Winter 2018


Fresh spring flowers framing spring fashions


Looking forward to summer sun


Not always painted windows. Bluebirds made from paper flying across the window


The window that celebrated Kitty Brown's 10 years in Carnforth


Trueman working on last Christmas' window


When you are in the area remember to pop into Carnforth and take a trip down Ashtrees Way to see our latest masterpiece.

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