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Mother's Day 2023 at Kitty Brown Boutique

Mother's Day is Sunday 19th of March in 2023.
To celebrate the incredible lady or ladies in your life, the ones who grew you, guided you and love you, then why not show them just how special they are to you.
To give you an idea, we asked all the members of staff at Kitty Brown, some of whom are mothers, some daughters and some aunts, the things they believed would be a thoughtful Mother's Day gift.
Trueman chose the Spoke925 Sterling Silver Daisy necklace as the perfect Mother's Day gift. Dainty yet cute and supplied with a gift box too.
Renée believes that the Seasalt Cornwall's Cute Jute in Crocus Flowes Maritime would make the perfect Mother's Day present as it is nice and lightweight yet beautifully elegant! 
Caroline's ultimate Mother's Day gift is the David Jones faux leather phone bag in bright orange! Different from most common bags, this one is portrait rather than landscape and can fit essentials in without looking bulky! 
Ella, our youngest member of staff believes that the best way to treat those special to her is with something she knows they will absolutely want - and therefore recommends getting a Kitty Brown Boutique Gift Voucher. 
Whilst these are all great ideas for Mother's Day - there are so many more online and in store that we couldn't possibly go through them all. 
Feel free to pop into the shop or open up a chat on the website for any advice on the perfect gift! 
Mothers - Happy Mother's Day! 
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