Saving the Rain Forests

Lemur looking into the camera with out of focus foliage behind

Concern about the condition of planet Earth is at the fore front of many people's minds. What effect is human activity having on our home?

As a way of trying to help Kitty Brown Boutique has joined Tr[1]be who are an organisation working to save the rain forests. How it works is every time you buy through a partner of Tr[1]be, such as Kitty Brown, the partner pays them a portion. Tr(1)be then buy land covered in rain forest which protects it from deforestation.

At the bottom of every page on Kitty Brown Boutique's website you can see a counter showing how many trees have been saved by people shopping with us. Trees are saved whether you shop on-line or in our Carnforth shop.

We know that Kitty Brown Boutique cannot save the planet on our own but we can try to help where we can. We are stocking more products made from recycled and sustainable materials and now help to save trees and the creatures that live amongst them.

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