19th July - Are We Making Any Changes?

19th July is the day the government in England is saying many of the Coronavirus prevention measures we have had to get used to will no longer be a legal requirement.

What will be different at Kitty Brown on 19th July? In a word: Nothing. We will still be asking for social distancing and face coverings to continue. Sanitiser will be available and staff will continue to wear face coverings.

Our staff have been very keen to be vaccinated and have had the jab (and second jab) as soon as they have been offered.

We prioritise the safety of our customers and staff. We want everyone to be able to shop safely and our people to work in a safe environment.

Of course, we are all longing for the day when we can relax, take off our masks, forget social distancing. We don't think that day is 19th July.


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