Christmas Window 2023

Christmas is here and we thought we would share our lovely festive decorations. Painting by Trueman and outside decoration by Ella. What a team!

Ashtrees Way, Carnforth showing Kitty Brown Boutique with Christmas decorations and festoon lights across the pedestrianised street

Above is a view down Ashtrees Way.

The clothes shop Christmas window of Kitty Brown Boutique

Our window on the clothes side of the shop

Kitty Brown Boutique Christmas window on the footwear side of the shop.

...and the footwear side of the shop.

Each year we try to add an extra bit of twinkle and sparkle to our shop. On 6th December Carnforth joined us in lighting up for Christmas after the town's annual lights switch on with Father Christmas, Carnforth's town crier and the Mayor.

Photographs by and copyright to Liz Withey.

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