Free Flip Flops, Sale Rail and More...

We currently have a super offer if you spend £30 or more in the shop. A free pair of flip flops - the footwear of summer! There is a basket of flip flops near the desk and you can take a pair. In the next few days we are going to supplement the basket with some sandals from Seasalt Cornwall and flip flops from Rocket Dog!

Even when we run out of room in the shop we keep our sale rail alive on-line. Not only is it packed full of clothing and footwear bargains but it means you can buy out of season. So if you are visiting the Arctic Circle in July, we may well have you covered from jumpers and boots!

Rocket Dog stripy colourful shoes

Our Out of the Box bargains are going well. New shoes, sandals and boots all for £15. This includes brands such as Rieker, Fly London, Ruby Shoo, Lunar, Rocket Dog (pictured) and more. What is the catch? They have all parted company with their boxes. This could be because the box got damaged, maybe the shoes got put in their wrong box by accident and the right box couldn't be located later, there are all sorts of reasons. Naturally, we only have limited sizes but surely it is worth a look. If you would like to see a pair in the shop before buying, give us a ring and we will get them from store for you try them. We usually need about 24 hours notice.

We would like to close this item with how lovely it has been to be open again and to meet up with everyone. The sun is shining, our doors are open and Cafe Edelweiss is open next door with umbrellas up bringing al fresco dining to Carnforth. 

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