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The 60th Birthday Celebrations of Caroline

Our great friend, boss and business owner Caroline turns 60 today! 

And whilst Caroline, her husband and sisters are all away enjoying a well-earned break in the form of a mini-European tour over the date of her actual birthday, we decided she is our queen and deserves two birthdays dedicated to her! 

So, how exactly did we celebrate our much-loved leader? Well, a thematic murder mystery dinner party of course!

Caroline is well known for her love of plays, theatre and has even acted in a local theatre group before - so this seemed like the perfect idea to us. Oh, and it was a complete surprise too!   

We had an evening of bad Italian accents, semi-decent detective work, great food, and even better company as we celebrated. 

So, once again to the leader of the Kitty Brown Boutique family, Caroline, have an absolutely wonderful birthday. 

All our love, 

The KBB team. ❤️❤️

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