Kitty Brown's Fairphone

At Kitty Brown Boutique we realised we needed a mobile phone. But which one? There are so many companies all saying their phone is better than everyone else's. With thoughts about environmental concerns and the way people are treated when things are made we thought we wanted a device which at least tried to address these sorts of considerations.

After a lot of reading reviews and manufacturer's information we settled on a phone from a company that a lot of people have not heard of, Fairphone.

Fairphone 5 mobile phone lying on a light wooden table top. It is switched on and there is a search bar at the top and some icons along the bottom.

The model we settled on was the Fairphone 5 and here is our very one.

This is not an advertisement for the company and we are certainly not going to give a lot of boring technical details. We chose this mobile phone for Kitty Brown Boutique because it is made from more recycled or fair focus materials. The people who build it receive a living wage and work in decent conditions. This aligns with how we try to be at Kitty Brown Boutique. We like products made in decent conditions and from recycled materials whenever possible.

Fairphone 5 mobile phone lying face down on a light wood table top. It is in a sky blue cover.

Mobile phones from Fairphone have another advantage over many other brands, you can repair them yourself without special skills or tools. The company sells spares of every part and provides instructions how to make the repair just using a small head screwdriver. That seemed such an a wonderful feature to us.

If you want to know more about Fairphone this is their website


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