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Slow Fashion and Sustainability
There is a growing concern that fast fashion is the cause of more pollution than all international flights and maritime shipping combined! That is quite a worry. However, the rise of slow fashion is helping to tackle the problem.
Our Ukrainian Appeal
We are sure you have seen on the news the atrocities happening to the country and people of the Ukraine We decided we wanted to help in whatever way we possibly could -  so we came up with this... We...
Kite Clothing - Our newest brand!
New brands for 2022!
Redecorated for Spring
Kitty Brown Boutique has been redecorated for spring and has re-opened. We hope you have not missed us too much!
Saving the Rain Forests
Concern about the condition of planet Earth is at the fore front of many people's minds. What effect is human activity having on our home?
Upcoming Events

Our events for spring 2022


What Happens To Internet Shopping Returns?
You order a lovely dress from an internet shopping site but when it arrives it just doesn't fit how you expected. You wrap it up and queue up in the Post Office to return it. The company refunds you and they return it to stock...or do they?
Kitty Brown Boutique's Windows

As you wander down Ashtrees Way you notice that Kitty Brown has another painted window. Who does these?

Kitty Brown Boutique - Star Awards 2019 Finalist
Kitty Brown Boutique has been shortlisted as one of the six best independent boutiques in the UK in 2019.
Who is Kitty Brown?
Who is Kitty Brown? This is a question that we have often been asked. The answer is that, at least as far as our shop is concerned, there has never been anyone called Kitty Brown.